2019 Applications

Applications to give a Peace Talk, host a workshop or provide an informal performance in the Bridge Area are now open. Please send an email to LPFPeaceTalks@gmail.com stating:

  • What area you would like to take part in (Peace Talk, Workshop or Bridge Performance)
  • And a little bit about what you’ll be presenting.

There are no application forms to fill in, but our volunteer team will get in touch to find out more and let you know if your application is successful.

Please send your application emails before 31st March 2019.

Email Your Application

Peace Talks

These are 5 minute talks, sharing an issue you feel passionately, promoting the peace and the values of the festival. Or the talk can be about an organisation who’s work actively promotes or stands for peace or other values promoted by the festival.


Got a skill to share? We would love to hear from you. We are looking for local folks to run workshops over the weekend. These workshops are around 40 minutes, and are free for festival goers to attend. (Overheads for materials etc can be covered by us within reason).

Bridge Performance Area

This is an informal space with a PA, for dance, poetry, comedy, theatre and song. If you have something you’d like to share please get in touch!