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The Leamington Peace Festival (LPF) is one of the UK’s longest running free festivals. It takes place each year on the weekend before the Summer Solstice, filling the Pump Room Gardens, in the heart of Royal Leamington Spa, with a brilliant mix of family friendly activities, free workshops, Peace talks, live music, vibrant local stalls, campaign groups, healing treatments and a wide range of vegetarian food stalls.

Leamington Peace Festival exists to promote peace, environmental harmony and living in co-operation with others:

  • By raising awareness of world and local issues
  • By giving individuals ways of becoming involved in the world around them
  • By providing an opportunity for local crafts people to demonstrate their skills and display their crafts
  • By promoting fair trade practices
  • By encouraging local artists and entertainers to share their skills

2020 Submissions

Would you love to see your artwork on the front cover of our festival booklet and on posters? We’ll be looking for local artists to showcase their talents and design a front cover and poster for our 2020 festival. ** Please note that we are trialing a year of producing this booklet in a digital format only to save on printing costs and waste and to better serve the environment. **

This design will also be used on posters around the town to advertise the event. We would also love to see our logo – the white dove of peace with an olive branch – used where possible. This logo can be adjusted, amended or distorted as needed to produce your artwork but does not need to be a prominent feature.

Please note that your artwork will need to have writing over the top and bottom of it for both the front cover of the program and poster to advertise details about the Peace Festival. If you would like to add the text yourself please include: event title, event dates, location, website and the fact it is free entry as part of the design itself. Please see below for previous design examples.


  • Artwork must be photographed, scanned or digitally submitted for use at:
    • A5 size for the front cover of the program (with 5mm bleed)
    • A3 size for posters (with 5mm bleed)
  • Please submit all artwork to with the subject “Artwork”
  • Within the email please include:
    • Your Name
    • Your Email
    • Your Contact Number
    • Your Website (if you have one)
  • Deadline is Friday 31st March 2020

The successful artwork will be chosen by the Peace Festival Committee and notified by 30th April 2020. The chosen artist will also be given a page within the program to promote their work, worth £130.

We will have 3 runners up who will be given food vouchers which can be collected on the day at the information caravan. And we will also have a selection of honorable mentions on the website, twitter and Facebook for popular artworks to help spread the word about other fantastic artworks that were submitted and the top 5 runners up

*** We realize this is the age old annoyance of “doing it for exposure” so we hope instead, that artists would see this as a volunteering opportunity to help promote a local event for the community ***

We look forward to seeing some of the amazing artwork that Leamington can produce!

Previous Artworks

Click on the artworks below to view them in a larger format, in a new tab.

Peace Festival 2019

Peace Festival 2016

Peace Festival 2015 LPF 2013 LPF 2012 _poster-2012

LPF 2010 poster-nina