About the Peace Festival

The Peace Festival is an eclectic event that occurs in the heart of Leamington Spa once a year. Taking place in the beautiful Pump Room Gardens over two days in June, the Peace Festival aims to promote awareness of world and local issues, fair trade practices and encourages local crafts, artists, traders, organisations and entertainers to share their skills and talk about their causes.


The Peace Festival Aims

Leamington Peace Festival exists to promote peace, environmental harmony and living in co-operation with others.

  • By raising awareness of world and local issues
  • By giving individuals ways of becoming involved in the world around them
  • By providing an opportunity for local crafts people to demonstrate their skills and display their crafts
  • By promoting fair trade practices
  • By encouraging local artists and entertainers to share their skills

Latest News

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The Peace Festival is part of The Association of Festival Organisers (AFO).